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Friday, November 5, 2021

My name is Co-leader Stacey, and I'm starting this blog to not only help our new Girl Scout troop 1063 better connect to our learning materials, but to also help any other Girl Scout troops and grown-ups that might want to download some of our materials and follow along. 

I'm quite new to being a Girl Scout leader, but I think that I can use my skills as a technical illustrator (www.treehousekidsmagazine.com) to better help Girl Scout Co-leaders and their troops with their own collective learning goals. I'll still use and follow the materials provided by Girl Scouts of America, but I will create additional handouts, puzzles, step-by-step illustrated instructions or even create new games to navigate the badgework. 

hope you will join us on the AMAZING journey together into the fantastic world of Girl Scouts!

Co-Leader Mrs. Stacey | Troop 1063

Want to join a Girl Scout troop in your area? Use the Girl Scout Council Finder and get started!

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